I’m beginning to think I was instilled with an artistic talent through osmosis. My formative years were spent on the Cranbrook campus in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. There I was surrounded by the architecture and furniture of Eliel Saarinen, the sculpture of Carl Milles, and others representing the best of the Arts & Crafts movement of the 1930s. These experiences have compelled me to to look for ways to bring art into the lives of others and myself my entire life.

I spent many years in historic preservation, real estate development, communications, and interior design. And I took art classes my entire life. Eventually I decided to put my focus on design at the most elemental level by making art.

With my paintings I usually start with a background of quinacidrone violet. It’s a supremely intense pink that can be seen poking through on some paintings. If the background color is painted over when the pink is still wet — the entire painting carries its soft hue. This is why I paint in slow drying oil.

My works on paper are on high quality watercolor paper using water-based oils and India ink. These works vary from small 5×7 inch framed paintings to larger professionally-framed works.  The colors are soft, punctuated by strong black India ink.

I learned to sculpt stone from the famous Chapungo sculptors from Zimbabwe, using only hand tools. Working this way is very slow and meditative, allowing me to feel the stone and work spontaneously to create “what the stone dictates”.  A few of my later pieces are made using inline tools to create more precise cuts on larger pieces.

I studied with Dale Chisman, one of the foremost abstract painters in the United States, who was known for his quirkiness and original use of color. Unfortunately, Dale died in 2008 but his influence is ever present. I also studied with well known abstract painter Homare Ikeda, who was influential in encouraging multi-layered and unique paintings.

 My art has more variety in medium and style than most artists and as far as I know, it will always be that way.  It's how I'm made.